Research and Development

In addition to design, functional and architectural appearance, a major part of the work of the studio is the search and selection of new materials.

The research of Gruppo Dimensione Comunità starts with listening, we believe that dialogue is a constructive form of growth and confrontation. We collect ideas listening to customer needs and striving daily to solve even the most demanding requirements.

Gruppo Dimensione Comunità wants to establish a direct channel with universities, with students, with research institutions to develop our skills in design. This collaboration results in the willingness to accept the thesis and internships.

One example is Playflat, nato da una tesi di due architetti. born thanks to a thesis of two architects. Playflat is a furniture that grows on the wall for the nursery and primary schools, whose functional and architectural values have made it a very popular product.

The internal design studio deals with the development of new projects and the selection of ideas collected. In addition to the design, architectural and functional aspect, an important part of the work of the study is the search and selection of new materials.

An example is a derivative of hemp that can be woven and conglomerate of very specific wood, that allows to obtain solid surfaces with particular characteristics. This material will be involved in a new project that will give birth to interesting products for both the private citizen and for the city.

Gruppo Dimensione Comunità also promotes the competition called Dimensione Progetto at schools, municipalities and communities, the aim is to create an even closer relationship with customers.

Download the catalogues in PDF format

Outdoor games and furniture catalogue [15mB] Games for indoor and outdoor, street furniture and green areas.
Community furniture catalogue [11mB] Furniture and equipment for the parishes, oratories and primary schools.
Psychomotion and soft games catalogue [8mB] Soft games and psychomotion