People and Service

Since 1993, Gruppo Dimensione Comunità is close to children's schools, parishes, communities, professional studios and companies.

Many capable and motivated people work for Gruppo Dimensione Comunità. The flexibility of roles and responsibilities help to increase both the quality of our products and the quality of life inside the company.

Our added value is a deidicated service to 360°.

Since 1993 Gruppo Dimensione Comunità stays close to kindergartens, parishes, communities, professional offices and companies. In all these years it has worked to create valid and original furniture and housing solutions, until the development of specific product lines that keep gaining acceptance and interest.

Successful products such as the train, the tree and the fence have gained it thanks to the quality of the service that distinguishes Gruppo Dimensione Comunità from the others, such as the usual rapid fulfillment.

The specific will to look for advice coming from the customers led Gruppo Dimensione Comunità to the attentive listening of the needs and the ideas emerging daily during educational activities and the reception of a community.

This strong contact with its customers has led to the emergence of contests of ideas, bright opportunities to interact and grow where the main characters are represented by the whole classes and schools which confront themselves on the issues of the development of future products.

And talking about the future, we are going to create a teaching Factory (showrooms, catering, children's entertainment with company path) to communicate to children about how their everyday objects born and to give them a creative push.

Operating Areas

Gruppo Dimensione Comunità works in the community field with all the procurement of materials, processing, production and shipment of furniture and furnishings. Everything is coordinated from an office of internal accounting that deals with every administrative aspect.

The warehouse of 2500 square meters is computerized and encoded, this allows us to know, in real time, the inventory, the order progress and whether a product is available at retailers in the area.