Gruppo Dimensione Comunità offers a service of qualified technical assistance capable of resolving any kind of urgency.

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Maintenance for playgrounds

Gruppo Dimensione Comunità offers a qualified support service in order to solve quickly any type of emergency.

Public parks are becoming increasingly rare, and this is why their design and implementation requires attention especially at every stage.
Talking about playgrounds (all of those open spaces, intended to be recreational activities for children and boys usually up to 14 years old), we believe that careful planning should lead to organize an integrated system of spaces, suitable for the purpose to meet customers’ specific demands. From schools, to the oratories up to public parks, to study customized solutions required to satisfy every need of kids.

Indeed, it is important at this point, especially taking into account that every year many children are rescued as a result of accidents due to the use of equipment located in playgrounds. The reason for this circumstance can usually be ascribed to the equipment crumbling, missing safety guards or inadequately subjected to checks and maintenance.

This is why Gruppo Dimensione Comunità aims not only to provide structure and furnishings for playgrounds, but also offers a maintenance service for your park.

The equipment requires constant and continuous maintenance, which allows to ensure safety and long duration, and despite of the absence of specific national and community laws for safety, you must refer to the technical rules, representing a warranty and safety instrument:

These rules determine the parameters that must be followed to create safe spaces and products, which can’t be considered a risk to the health of users or to minimize such risk or danger, and the general safety requirements to be considered during the design phase and choice of the area to allocate a playground.

UNI EN 1176, in paragraph 7, talking specifically about the maintenance of the playground equipment stresses the importance for a municipality, a school, a parish or any subject, to stipulate a maintenance contract so as to implement a control procedure according to specific time periods.

Information for consumers

  • Make sure that children play with the equipment intended for their age group
  • Prevent from the misuse of the equipment
  • Make sure that the surrounding soil is soft (sand, rubber and its derivatives ...)
  • Check that between an item and the other there is the minimum distance
  • The equipment with elevated surface above the ground must have adequate shores of protection
  • Points, sharp corners and parts chipped on the surface must not be present
  • Check that in the game area there are no foreign objects (roots, rocks, concrete ...)
  • Prevent from using equipment presenting missing or broken parts and notify the presence to the leaders of the structure
  • Keep an eye on the child while using the equipment
  • In case of inflatable equipment, the constant presence of a specialized operator must be provided
  • Prevent the children from wearing clothing that can easily get caught or obstruct freedom of movement.

Major anomalies found in the various types of playground equipment

Playground Spinners

  • Bolts and nuts not adequately protected
  • Unprotected seats oriented outside
  • Not levelled installation
  • Security space not respected

Spring riders

  • Absence of handles
  • Absence of shock absorbers and not respected height of the same
  • Absence of stop pedal
  • Unprotected bolts and nuts
  • Exposed foundations
  • Security space not respected

Zip Lines

  • Excessive height difference between departures and arrivals
  • Falling areas not adequately protected
  • Security space not respected

Play products (playground towers, bridges, tunnels, climbing)

  • Unprotected bolts and nuts
  • Abnormal slotting of bridges’ planks
  • Risk of trapping into the balustrades
  • Links between the unstable parties and balances
  • Not adequate access in size and shape according to the legislation
  • Security space not respected


  • Irregular hanging hooks
  • Chains with a too large mesh
  • Too rigid seats
  • In case of double swings: regular distance between the two elements
  • Security space not respected
  • Bolts and nuts unprotected
  • Presence of trees in the buffer zone
  • Not suitable flooring in drop zone
  • Sitting height not respected
  • Uncovered and dangerous foundations


  • Access without handrails, slippery steps
  • Absence of the bar access to the slide
  • Irregular sides height and slope
  • Irregular height from the ground to the way out
  • Not suitable flooring
  • Uncovered and dangerous foundations

We therefore guarantee to our customers

  • High quality materials.
  • Visit and on-site inspection with detailed estimates of the work to be performed.
  • Qualified installation and maintenance capacity
  • Fast intervention.
  • Sanitization through high pressure steam, with ecological solvents, fungicides and defense against parasites.
  • Use of impregnating.
  • Sandpaper and cracking of possible chinks in the wood.
  • Check and eventual restoration of the metal parts (sandpaper, rust, painting).
  • Check and repair and securing of the bolts (with use of Caps-screw cover if necessary).
  • Check of the oscillating parts (chains, ropes, springs and related junctions).
  • Check and repair and replacement of damaged parts (wear, vandalism, weathering)
  • Check and maintenance of anti-slip flooring.
  • Release of a statement perfectly performed.
  • Our customers will be provided a direct phone number "SOS MAINTENANCE" as a reference point to the urgent issues.

All of this just requesting a free visit, with no commitment, to our skilled staff.

What we can do for you

  • Visual check of the wear of the games and their components
  • Check the impact surfaces for the prevention from possible falls
  • Analysis of the required measures to guarantee the safety of playgrounds

We work in regard to the laws, counting on our competence, gained over the years, that allowed us to get from the Italian Institute for Toy Safety, a license of qualified maintenance technicians and installers for outdoor games.

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